Meeting / Training Room Rental

An excellent space that allows our members and potential customers to meet and train in comfort at an affordable price.

Office Space Rental

Photo Copying

Book Binding

Website Development

Social Media Marketing

Personal Development for Entrepreneurs


Micro Financing

For Members Only


Mastermind Meetings

Every Thursday at 6pm

Membership Fees

$150. Per Month
$50. Per Month for Students

Business Networking Events

Once Every Quarter

All members receive the following:

  • 15% discount on services offered
  • Free attendance to mastermind meetings
  • 10% discount website development (provided by affiliates)
  • 10% discount Social media Marketing (provided by affiliates)
  • Personal Development sessions for Entrepreneurs at no additional cost


“Our mastermind group consists of highly motivated people who are committed to personal and professional development. These groups meet regularly and is focused on building synergy by leveraging the experiences of many minds. Here your mind will be transformed and you will be empowered to succeed. Mastermind leaders will help you find and strengthen your purpose so you will become more effective as an agent of positive change through your business.” Stalin Sheppard