Six (6)Tips for Small Businesses to Stand Out on Social Media

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Social media is a virtual world where millions of people connect, share ideas, thoughts and build networks. Over the years businesses have been benefitting from social media marketing. Social media marketing is currently what’s trending and it is considered to be the most cost-effective method of marketing. It has the ability to build brand and attract numerous customers quickly! 

Here are six tips for entrepreneurs to stand apart on social media:

1) Be “Real” and relatable

Authenticity is attractive. The more genuine you are as an entrepreneur, the more clients you draw. To be relatable, share content with your followers that is genuine to life and shows the “human side” of your business. For instance: sharing behind-the-scenes films, client encounters, or simply sharing how your item/s is made.

It is important to ensure that you understand who your audience is before posting:

Create content which will be helpful and relatable to your viewers. Ensure that you understand their challenges and provide content to solve their problems.

2) Be consistent and provide valuable content

Too many times people publish schedules on how they intend to post on a weekly basis, however, 80% of them do not maintain this schedule. Schedules are meant to keep you on-track; it keeps you disciplined and helps you to maintain consistency while simultaneously building a routine your audience can depend on. Nevertheless, focusing on the schedule is not the most important thing…content is! What you need is consistent valuable content. Appearing a couple of times each month just won’t cut it, particularly in the event that you are a start-up business. It takes approximately seven impressions for your customers to remember you! Consistent valuable content is the trick! 

Be reachable. Do not simply put up content and leave. To separate you from competitors, you must provide feedback to the persons who set aside time and make the effort to comment on your posts.

3) Offer video content.

Video recordings generate larger numbers of engagements rather than text and pictures. Video content is the best approach to assemble the “know, as, and trust” factor. If you are hoping to capture a more extensive crowd and get more offers via online media, then you need to consider doing more video recordings as part of your social media strategy.

There is a misguided assumption that you need to have an enormous financial plan and a creation group to make videos. This is absolutely not the case. You can use just your cell phone or laptop to record your videos. Just make sure there is good lighting and genuine value-adding and insightful content.

4) Focus on the needs of your audience 

Understanding your target audience can represent the moment of truth for social media marketing. You cannot market to everybody and hope to be fruitful. If you fail to comprehend your target audience and what they really need, the outcome would be little to no commitment.

Getting clarity on your target audience will require you to answer some of the following questions:

  • Where are they found?
  • What would be their age range?
  • What are their leisure activities or interests?
  • What issues they may be experiencing?

Distinguishing your audience empowers you to make a superior advertising procedure and interface with your optimal clients quicker than your competitor.

5) Build relationships

Another approach to separate you from your rivals is to build meaningful relationships with your followers. Having a genuine connection with your supporters will increase brand reliability. More loyal followers mean more clients needing to purchase from you.

Here are a few hints for building connections with your audience the correct way:

  • Rapid response to questions and requests
  • Request feedback on products or services
  • Offer some incentive by sharing instructional exercises and taking care of issues for them.
  • Comment and support your clients post and their marketing efforts

The better you become at building relationships, the more your social media presence will develop.

6) Describe your products/services clearly and creatively 

Since social media permits brands to contact a more extensive crowd, it’s critical to showcase your products/services clearly and creatively. Since there is so much rivalry, make certain to get innovative with your communication.

Running challenges and offering promotion codes are great approaches to get individuals pumped and ready to get the news out about your business.

Generally, social media is ground-breaking with regards to getting more deals for your business. When you genuinely comprehend what your crowd needs, it’s an ideal opportunity to give them extraordinary offers. Ensure you have a great time and make offers that your potential clients will feel insane to leave behind!

Stalin Sheppard is the CEO and Co-Founder of Mastermind Leaders. He is a Quality Management System professional with over 15 years experience in the oil, energy and shipping industry. He is a mentor, motivational speaker and business advisor. He provides technical, financial and educational support to business owners through transformative training

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