Surround Yourself with Greatness

It’s almost impossible to be in business without hearing about mentoring and coaching. These days the number of business coaches seems to be growing exponentially, and around every corner, there’s someone who knows how to help you get sales, build your email lists, convert prospects into paying clients, or build your brand.

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Community and Environment

When it comes to being environmentally friendly and community minded, many people look only at large corporations and what they’re doing. Yet climate change and positive community development affect everyone, and modern consumers are demanding a reaction from even small businesses.

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Businessperson or Entrepreneur

Many small business owners use the terms ‘businessperson’ and ‘entrepreneur’ interchangeably, with some preferring the latter because it sounds more sophisticated, modern, and enlightened. They believe they need to embody the entrepreneurial spirit in order to get ahead, and chastise themselves and others in the pursuit of that ideal.

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